Hours in Transition Status

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I try to count hours instead of days in transition status. Is it possible to convert days into hours?
We are have a lot of statuses that was transition between couple hours and it’s not track by Days in Transition Status dimension.

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Hi @andrey.mayskiy,

To convert Days in Transition Status to hours, you can create a new measure that multiplies the Days in Transitions status by 24, like this:

[Measures].[Days in transition status]

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Hi @Marilou, thanks for the answer! Yes it calculate correct, but I was hope that it will show more details under time in transition statuses…I have workflow with custom statuses:

Create - In Progress - Status1 - Status2 - Status3 - Status4 - Done

With measure “Days in Transition status” I could see only statuses that was in transition >= 1 day. If Status2 was in transition only 2 hours in “Days in Transition status” it shows 0 value.

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The behavior that you can see values larger than one suggests that you might need to apply proper formatting for the measure. Please, check that you have selected Decimal from the drop-down:

Janis, eazyBI support

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