Hours realized transition sum of hours

Hello to all

i defined this measure to see the realized hours with hour spent

[Measures].[ Realized hours]  =

([Status].[DoD],[Measures].[Original estimated hours]) + 
([Status].[DoR],[Measures].[Original estimated hours]) + 
([Status].[Canceled],[Measures].[Original estimated hours]) 

my intention here is sum of all realized hours by the count of transition to status

for exemplo

in the image above is listing 4 tasks in my measure that i created realized hours in each task is returning these values bellow as in the image

my idea is return the total value (10) but when i select transition to status he only return 1 how can i do this ?

Hi @Lucas_Silva_Dantas_A

Here you would need to create a custom calculation with DescendantsSet function that iterates through imported issues to find the right set of issues for the report context.

Try creating a new calculated measure using this formula:

[Measures].[Transitions to status]>0
  [Measures].[ Realized hours],

Martins / eazyBI