Hours Spent by group of users using the username


In my company we have two different kind of usernames, Internal users like I002345 or External Users like E004433.

We want to know how many hours log our internal users in Jira Software using EazyBI but I can’t do it. We can’t use the log in user to create custom metrics, we only see the full name “Name Surname”, but I don’t see in EasyBI the Username I00xxxx or E00nnnn.

The only solution we have found is creating a user group called Internals, manualy add the internal users by name and use the dimension Logged by Group. But it is difficult to maintein.

Any suggestion?

Thank you!


There is a new feature in eazyBI version 6.3 allowing the creation of custom hierarchies in other dimensions from the properties of those dimensions.

The idea is to import the Internal/External flag for the Logged by dimension and create a hierarchy grouping the users in those categories.

First, we need to define an additional import from REST API to access users and their keys.

I tried the following API endpoint on Jira Server and created the additional data import from that:


I also added the custom Javascript code analyzing the first character of the user key and defining a new column depending on this character:

doc.ie = "Other";
if (doc.key[0]=="I") doc.ie="Internal";
if (doc.key[0]=="E") doc.ie="External";

After that, I created the data mapping:

Janis, eazyBI support

After the data import, I can create the hierarchy in the Logged by dimension:

Now my report looks like this: