Hours spent dose not show current time

I did a report to see the time logged by users in some group.
My pages are: Project, logged by group
My rows are: Issue type, Status, Issue, Logged by.
When I add the measure “Hours Spent” I get only 10 results (when I don’t use measures ay all I get the list of the required issues, something like ~500 issues). The hours spent take only the Collaborators section from the logged time for some reason, and only until 2019.
My database is update, so its not a problem from that direction. Our users log time through Tempo add on, and we are on Data Center.
Can you please help me find the problem? How can I see the time logged by the users?

Hi @Aviv_Eldad,

Welcome to the eazyBI community :tada: !

The eazyBI report will return results for the report context. eazyBI determines the report context from the dimensions you have selected in the report pages, rows, and columns, the selections you have made in the page dimensions, the level and members you have chosen to be displayed in the report rows, columns, and finally, from the measure you have selected.

From what you describe, eazyBI can’t find more than ten results for the configuration you have created in the report. While without a measure, it could return empty or all results.

As the first step, please review the page selections in the report. You may have selected an old Project that is no longer actively worked on. It may be a Logged by group no longer used.
If the page filters seem fine, please export and share the definition of the report to the eazyBI support email and include a screenshot of the report. Please see the eazyBI documentation page for more details about retrieving a report’s definition - Export and import report definitions.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com