Hours Spent grouped by Epic names

Hi All,

I can build the report like this:
project - Epic name - Hours spent
In this case, hours spent are displayed for every epic inside the project.
What I need is to see the sum of hours spent grouped by specific epics, because the epic name is the kind of works done for the project.

so the columns I would like to see:
project - sum of hours spent for epic X, Y,Z - sum of hours spent for all the epics besides X,Y,Z

Could you please help me to build such a table?
Thank you very much!


This question was discussed directly in support emails. A short summary.

You would use the Project dimension in the report rows.
In columns, you would use measure "Hours spent"
Then, in Issue dimension Epic hierarchy, you would create two calculated members:

1 A member where epics XYZ are aggregated (let’s call this member “XYZ” for future reference)


X, Y, Z are epic issue members

2 Calcualted member to aggregate all the rest epics, excluding X, Y, Z


where [Issue.Epic].[XYZ] is the first calculated member.

Now, select in the report those two calculated members in columns a well. Now measure “Hours spent” will be automatically aggregated from either X, Y, Z (and their stories and subtasks )and, for the second member, from all the rest epics, except X, Y, Z.

Ilze / support@eazybi.com