Hours Spent is not including the hours logged at Epic level

I am struggling to include the hours logged at the Epic Level and all its descendants (Epic + story/tech story + sub-task)

Pages: Time
Rows: Epic Link
Columns: Measures

The Measures “Hours Spent” and “Hours Spent with Sub-tasks” does not include the hours logged at the Epic Level

How can I achieve a TOTAL count of the hours logged at Epic level and all descendant levels?


I believe here you could try using the epic level from “Issue” dimension to aggregate results from sub-task to Epic level.

Martins / eazyBI Support

for me , time logged on subtask and want to calculate hours on epic level, tried with your guide but it doesn‘t work, could you help on it?


The same approach should accumulate hours from sub-tasks and show it to an epic level.
Please reach out to eazyBI support and provide the definition of your report

Martins / eazyBI support


I have the same problem.

The challenge is not to sum up the logged hours on child issues but to consider hours spent directly on the Epic issue.

Issue-1, My EPIC, Log 2 hours
Issue-2, My Story, Log 3 hours
Issue-3, My SubTask, Log 4 hours

Assuming Epic → Story → SubTask hierarchy, the Epic Level hours spent should be 9 hours, but the “Hours Spent” metric returns 7 hours (because ignores logged time directly on EPIC issue).

Flávio Epifânio

That shouldn’t be the case.
In a basic report, the “Hours spent” measure would automatically include the hours registered at the epic level if you select “Epic” level from the “Issue” dimennsion

If that is not happening in your report, either your custom Issue hierarchy is not established correctly, or the report context (ie, page filters) is excluding hours from epics.

Please check if you filter the report by “Issue type” page filter by any chance. Perhaps the calculation is calculating hours from all issue types but epic

Martins / eazyBI