How are [Measures].[Story Points history] and [Measures].[Story Points remaining] derived?


I am trying to create a Sub-task based burndown chart, but some data in the reports seem to be funny:

  1. For this particular team, their Sprint Points history seems to be 10pts lower than a measure I defined that cumulatively adds the Sprint Points created :

[Measures].[Story Points created]

How is the measure [Story Points history] derived?

  1. Second question for me is that I’m trying to understand how the Measure [Story Points remaining] is created/aggregated. The reason is, when I “Drill Through issues”, I see that there are some sub-tasks (that were moved to Status “Done”, but they) still exist in this list, only that their points are negative. This in turn causes the [Measures].[Story Points remaining] to be the same number of points lower than it really is. If you would be able to help me understand why this is so, it would be very helpful, because I cannot see in JIRA on the actual sub-task tickets what has happened to have caused their points value to show up negative.

If you would be able to help me understand the above 2 questions, I would be very grateful.

Thank you

Hi @carlos

Story points change
The measure “Story points change” will return the total number of Story Points in issues. Used with the Time dimension, it will return the total number of Story points in issues at the end of the set Time dimension period.

So if in April Story points value was changed from 3 to 7 for an issue, the measure “Story points created” will return 7 at the Time dimension period the issue was created. Cumulatively, it will sum up the new value. The measure “Story points history” will return a 3 in March, but a 7 in April. Thus cumulatively, there will be a difference at some point in time.

I suspect that some issues got their Story point value changed. That is the reason you see a difference.

Story points remaining
You can have a look at the formula of the measure by clicking on the “Show” button:

[Measures].[Story Points history]
[Measures].[Cumulative Story Points resolved]

It subtracts the cumulative number of Story points resolved from the measure “Story points history”. The story point values in issues didn’t change. The values of resolved issues are subtracted from the list. That is the reason the values are negative.

Please have a look at our documentation page for more information on the Sprint measures -

Roberts //