How can I add + sign in front of "Month ago change"

I’m using “Month ago change” in gauge: value only mode in my dashboard. But a positive change doesn’t have a leading sign. This is confusing my users.
Is there anyway we can add plus sign in this case?

Or I know I can create custom measure with Markdown in my case. But my query won’t work with time page filter as “current month” “previous month” doesn’t have siblings. Not sure what’s the system default query for month ago change. Or how can this query be better constructed.

[Measures].[AVG Ack Time Month Ago Change]>=0
"<p style='color:DarkRed;font-size:150%;'>+"||Cast([Measures].[AVG Ack Time Month Ago Change] as String)
"<p style='color:green;font-size:150%;'>"||
Cast([Measures].[AVG Ack Time Month Ago Change] as String)

This is my month ago change function

  --Don't run the function when AVG Ack Time doesn't exist
  (NOT isEmpty([Measures].[AVG Ack Time]) OR
  [Measures].[Issues resolved]>0)
     [Measures].[AVG Ack Time]
     [Measures].[AVG Ack Time]

Hi @QiZhang ,

I think your query is already good enough it should return the value with + sign in front.
There is no other/better ways to force the + sign for standart calculations. It has to come as a string from a calculated measure.

Martins / eazyBI

Is there anyway my query to not show error in “current month” filter? I know system generated “month ago change” field works fine with time filters. But my query will raise error when you have a time page filter like “current month”/“previous month”/“previous year” etc