How can I aggregate multiple story points on one team with stories created by different multiple teams?

I am creating reports for management to allow them to see information similar to what is being shown in Jira on the velocity report. Graphs in eazyBI are great and will work well. The reports are straightforward and work fine when the teams create and resolve their own stories. However, I have an issue when one team creates stories and they are completed by a different team. I cannot seem to find a way to aggregate story points for the team properly. Quick example: teams A, B, C are my teams. Team C creates a few stories and gives them to team A and B for completion. Jira will recognize the stories and count them properly. In eazyBI it only sees the stories each team has created relating to themselves. How can I count the story points each team has completed regardless of which team created the story? Thanks

Hi @rbryant11,

If you would like to see all story points of the selected sprint, you might want to remove the team (Reporter or Assignee) filter from the report.

If that does not work for you, please share more details on the report you have, what measures and dimensions are there and how the Team is represented in eazyBI and Jira.

Zane /

My apologies for not responding. I was using someone else’s design who had left the company. Once I started over from the beginning I resolved the problem. Thanks for your response and again, apologies for being so late in responding.

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