How can I create a report to view total time spent based on components

I have created a report based on How much total time spent in each status - #2 by gerda.zandersone, but after validating the data, it seems like the total is not right as the logic of “Days in transition status” measure is just sum up all the epic, story and sub-task hours without consider parent-child relationship in the calculation.

Taking below as example where SubTask 1.1 and 1.2 are child of Story 1,
Story 1 - 6 hours
SubTask 1.1 - 3 hours
SubTask 1.2 - 3 hours

I am expecting the total value would like 6 hours rather than 12 hours.


Hi @HgNeoh ,
In eazyBI, there is the option to see issues at the issue-level or to group issues in the hierarchy.
In the first option, the issue data is displayed without a parent-child relationship, but if the hierarchy is used, the parent-child relationship is taken into account and eazyBI will sum up all the measures
on any higher level.

See those two reports to identify the difference:

See more about issue hierarchy here: Issue hierarchies

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Gerda //

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