How can I create measurements using only visible lines?


I have this table listing the total customers in the highlighted column (“Clientes”).

I calculate it as follows:
[Measures].[Issues created] > 0)

The “Organization” Dimension is the “Customer” Dimension, but it does not appear in the report as a Row, Column, or Page.

It works well but it doesn’t work if the user clicks on the table and removes rows.

The calculation is not recalculated and the “Customers” column continues to show the total (85) prior to row removal.

The idea of this column is to show the total number of customers for each line where each line is a grouping of requests/tickets.

The curious thing is that if he uses the “Select This” feature on the table, it works.

What should I do ?


You are using All member for totaling values. All member is a member itself and it always includes any member in this dimension, even if you remove some members from the report.

We suggest using Total of rows instead of All member for totals in the cases when you would like to use specific rows filters or remove members from the report.

eazyBI allows removing members from reports. However, this option is not visible via UI and it might mislead you in some cases. Please note collapse and expand of the All member will “give” back removed members. I would suggest using some dimensions on pages to filter out some data or use Filter rows option to hide some members. This will give users a better understanding of what data is represented on reports.

If you are using some row filters in the reports, please use Total of rows instead of All members to see total values.

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Thank you very much