How Can I do a Line Chart "Due Date x Cumulative Issue Product Savings"?

Hi, I’m Leonardo. I am learning about how to use EazyBI to help projects inside Jira Software. I need to make a chart “Due Date x Cumulative Issue Product Savings”, these both options are inside the field “measures” and I can not use measures at the same time on Rows and Columns. I sent below a picture that shows my situation.

Hi @Leonardo_Beltrao
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If you already have imported the Product savings field as measures in eazyBI, you could search (in the “Measures” dimension search bar) the measure "Product savings with due date " and select it in your report columns.
Next, use the “Time” dimension in rows instead of “Issues”.
Then select “Add standard calculations” and select cumulative sum for your report.
Finally, remove the not necessary column from the report.

Martins / eazyBI support

Hi Martins,

I want to do a line chart “Due Date x Product Saving” and I need use Due Date on Rows and Product Saving on Columns, but both are inside the “measures” field. It’s like do a chart “measures x measures”, but it’s not possible in EazyBI and I cant use the field “Time” cause I want use a future time (due date), not a past time.

Hi @Leonardo_Beltrao

If you have imported your numeric field “Product savings” as measures, try searching for measure “Product Savings with due date” and use it with “Time” dimension members.
That would sum the product saving values for issues with the due date in displayed period.
See below a similar field “TCV Value” imported as measures in my report

Martins / eazyBI support

Hi Martins,

Thanks for listening. I imported the field “Product Saving” and created a cumulative issue product saving as showed below, I think it’s not the problem. The problem is that I want put the field “Due date” on Rows, cause Due Date is a future date, not a past date.


You can add future dates to “Time” dimension manually