How can i Excep Service Desk Projects

I have Several Software and service Desk Projects in jira. I know i can use Aggregate function to except project members by project name but I need Aggregate All Software project Automatically and also All Service Desk projects .

Is there any property in Project Dimension that Define Project type? Software project and service desk ?

Hi @samira_malekpour

Unfortunately, there is no default property in the Project dimension that returns the project type.

You could try exploring how to add custom hierarchies to eazyBI dimensions.

In your case, you could import project type as additional data either directly from Jira DB or from some source data file.

See how to import additional data and map to existing dimensions:

If you use eazyBI for Jira Cloud, the project type is being returned for each issue results in JSON and you could use it in advanced settings to define a new calculated field which imports project type as a separate dimension.

Martins / eazyBI support