How can I filter status in Lead Time?

Hello, I need to filter some status in this function.

CASE WHEN [Measures].[Problems resolved] > 0 THEN
[Measures].[Total Resolution Days] / [Measures].[Resolved Issues]

My workflow: Open, In Progress, Testing and Completed

In this case I need to consider some statuses for example: My Lead Time starts “in progress” but this function always receives all workflow.

How can I filter some status in this funcion?


Hi @Wallace_Cunha,

Measures “Average resolution days” and “Total resolution days” show issue time from creation date till resolution date regardless of statuses it went through.

If you would like to calculate how much time issues have spent in specific statuses, you might want to define the lead time in import options.

  1. In import options, section "Issue cycles ", add a new cycle and list statuses defining the Lead Time: Priority, Development, testing, HML, Production.
  2. Import data. During data import, eazyBI will generate a new set of metrics for your reports.

Please see the documentation for more details on how to do this: Issue cycles.
Note: issue cycles functionality is available on Cloud and will be included in the next eazyBI version. Keep an eye on the changelog for news: Changelog - eazyBI for Jira.

As an alternative, you may calculate Lead Time from the issue status change history. For the calculation, you may use the measure “Days in transition status” and “Transition Status” dimension (see documentation describing th measure: Import issue change history).
Check out the Demo account for report examples: Age, Lead, and Cycle Time - Jira Demo - eazyBI

Zane /