How can I find the Xray Revision field to show it in a table?


I would like to add a column in a table and also group on the Revision field that comes with Xray. I have it importing as a property. Where is it or how do I get it as a calculated member? I cannot seem to find it and my formulas are failing.


Hi @sschoepel,

When the custom field is selected for data import as property, it is imported as Issue property. In your case, there is created new issue property with name Issue Revision in Measures.

To get Revision or any other issue property work for Xray specific dimension, like Xray Test Execution, you may do following. Copy a formula of issue property Issue Revision. Define a new calculated measure in Measures and paste in the copied formula, and replace dimension name [Issue] with [Xray Test Execution] like this:

[Xray Test Execution].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Revision')

You may use new calculated member in your report together with dimension Xray Test Execution.

More information on how to get issue properties for Xray tests, executions, defects, requirements, and test plans you will find in the documentation:

Zane /