How can I get a count of issues which have been open for more than 14 days


I want to create a Compliance check report where I want to see a count of all the P1-Hight Priority issues per month which have been open for more than 14 days.

The priority part has been taken care by using it as a filter in the Page Section, however, I am unable to get the count of the issue which have been open for more than 14 days.

In order to find the days the issue was open I have created a custom calculated member IssueAgeDays as, DateDiffDays([Measures].[Issue created date],[Measures].[Issue resolution date]) which is giving me the days.

However, when I am using trying to get a count of issues with more than 14 days open I am getting error,

I tried with agregete as well. Can someone please tell me what I am missing here? This is the first time we are using EazyBI.


Hi Arunava,

I would suggest to use the Resolution interval for this; you can select it for import in the Jira import settings / Additional options. See more details about Interval dimensions here:

You could define to have Resolution interval 14 - … days and use this dimension either in Pages or together with Issues resolved measure to see issues grouped by different resolution intervals as in the screenshot

Lauma /