How can I get the percentage for story points committed resolved for each day in the sprint?

I want to calculate “Story Points remaining” by the “Story Points Committed” to get a daily percentage

Hi @JChap,

You might want to start with “Sprint story points burn-down” report that is already available in the Sample Jira Softwar folder. This report visually represents the flow of resolved story points and provides a guideline as well: Sprint Story Points burn-down.

An alternative is to calculate the percentage of the remaining scope. For the calculation, use a tuple of measure “Sprint Story points committed” and Time default member to carry on the commitment value for all dates. The expression might look like this:

--“Story Points remaining” on each date
[Measures].[Story Points remaining]
--by the total of Story Points Committed for sprint
([Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed],

The documentation with more details on tuple expression and DefaultMember are here:
Calculated measures.

Zane /

Thank You for all of your help!