How can I group some charts on dashboard?

Hi guys,

Is there a way to group some charts together on the EazyBI dashboard?

For example, this is what I want to have:

Thank you!


Hi @Kyung_Park

In eazyBI dashboards, you can drag and drop reports in the order you want and adjust the report width and height for the reports placed side by side.
You can also use [Page break] to have those reports on a separate page when exporting to PDF.

Read arranging options here: Create dashboards


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Hi @ilze.leite

Thanks for the functions of EazyBI dashboard, but I was already aware of the basic functions such as dragging, dropping, adjusting width/heights, page break, etc.

What I need to do is make a better visibility or control with a GROUPING system.

Just like the snapshot I’ve attached above, for example, 3 reports should be in group A, and 2 other reports are placed in group B, or something like this.

Is there any way to make it work?




Thank you for your feedback!

Currently, in such cases, we suggest splitting a dashboard into two separate dashboards. From your point of view, what would be the benefit of keeping one dashboard with subgroups rather than creating two dashboards? Also, would you mind sharing what would define a report group in the dashboard (subscription, description, other)? Your use case would help me to understand the need better.

In a backlog, we have a feature idea to add more than one description box in a dashboard (e.g., to use between reports); that would allow some kind of grouping; I added your vote for the feature.


Hi @ilze.leite

I currently utilize distinct dashboards to delineate our tasks, yet there’s a need for more precise categorization. Introducing subgroups would prove beneficial, especially in scenarios where the existing dashboards are already segmented and additional subgroup differentiation is required.

But thank you so much for your help!