How can I import a multi-value, multi-level dimension into EazyBI?

I have a custom field I want to import into a dimension in eazyBI. On each issue, this field contains several values separated by semicolons (";"). I can get these values to split and import into a dimension no problem.

Here is what I need help with. The individual values in my field are City, Country pairs. So on an issue in Jira, this custom field might contain a string like “Zurich, Switzerland; London, United Kingdom; Paris, France”. I want to import these as multi-level values so that they each go into the dimension under City/Country levels. Right now, all I can manage is to import them as a list of single-level “City, Country” strings.

If I add levels = ["Country", "City"] and multiple_values = true at the same time, when I run an import I get a syntax error from the database.

This is what I have:

name = "Destinations"
data_type = "string"
dimension = true
check_calculated_value = true  # for debugging, remove when everything works
multiple_values = true
levels = ["Country", "City"]
javascript_code = '''
if (issue.fields.customfield_12655) {
  const table = issue.fields.customfield_12655
                     .split('; ')
                     .map(function (s) { return s.split(', ').reverse(); });
  issue.fields.customfield_destinations = table;

This is what I get on import:


Is this not supported, or am I just doing it wrong?

Hi @Joe,

As my colleague already told you on StackOverflow, this is not supported in eazyBI. Here is the full answer for other users having the same question:

Such combination of configuration parameters is not supported in eazyBI currently. eazyBI cannot read this combination from the array of arrays to tell that you need multiple levels and multiple values.

Alternatively, you can generate the string of listed values, but, for the multiple levels and multiple value fields, you need to provide the delimiter in the split_by parameter. Currently, for both options, the delimiter parameter is with the same name “split_by”; it is not possible to cheat it somehow to cover both options.

Kind regards,
Roberts // eazyBI support

Sorry for opening this up again, but I think my question is related.

I’ve got a number of fields, which all have the same possible value range (it’s for getting feedback from different groups on something). So, let’s assume the following situation in Jira:

  • ‘feedback group A’, value range: ‘yes’, ‘no’
  • ‘feedback group B’, value range: 'yes, ‘no’

Is there any option to come up with a bar diagram in eazyBI, which has ‘feedback group A’ and ‘feedback group B’ on the x axis and the number of issues with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ for each group on the y axis?
I would read from the previous post that the answer is ‘no, there’s no option’. Just wanted to be sure…

Any idea here, @roberts.cacus ?

Hi @JanHeg ,

I am letting anyone who stumbles upon this thread in the future know that we solved your requirement internally with a custom JavaScript solution.

Roberts //

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Dear @roberts.cacus ,

I confirm this. Thanks again for your great help!