How can I make new transition fields

I have created a new dimension field called “Assigned group” (different from “Assignee groups”). I need to create a report that shows which assigned groups have been “Assigned” to each Issue. How can I create a measure called “Transition to assigned group” and use this to make the list I want?

(Have tried various ways, bu it always fails :blush:)

Hi @kvikklunsj,

If the “Assigned group” is a single-select issue custom field, then you can analyze and see the field changes in eazyBI.

  1. In eazyBI advanced settings, add settings for the issue custom field “Assigned group” to enable the import of value changes. Please see the documentation on how to do this and for the code example: Import issue change history

  2. Go to import options and select the additoanl option Import value changes for the custom field. Import data.

  3. No you can go to the report and create a new calculated measure (in Measures) that would show changes in the custom field “Assigned group” for each issue. For the calculation use a tuple of hidden measure “Transition to” and hidden dimension “Transition field” specifying the custom field name. The expression might look like this:

    ( [Measures].[Transitions to], 
    [Transition Field].[Assigned group] )

    More details on calculated measures and tuples are here: Calculated measures.

Zane /