How can i to bring a number of issues linked in a Epic

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I’m trying to bring the exact number of issues linked in the epic and I’m not succeeding.
I saw similar problems here in the community but they didn’t fit my report. Should this number appear in “Issue created”? I tried to create the measure Count([Issue.Epic].Currentmember.Children) but it didn’t work either. What could I be getting wrong?


Assuming you are bringing in issues by epic, you can create a calculated member that checks for children and displays the count.

  [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Children.Count > 0

Tks so much Angelescu! It’s working here :pray:

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Hi @Cinthia and thanks @Angelescu for the solution! :tada:

Note that this will return the count of direct Epic children like Tasks and Stories. Since the Sub-tasks are children of children, they will not show up in this count.

For this you can apply the DefaultContext() function to the measure you’re using to cancel all the filters and report context for this measure. Inside the function, use a tuple to point to the necessary measure and the context elements that you don’t want to ignore, like the current Epic in the row.

    [Measures].[Issues created],

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