How could I mix data from Jira and Insight?


We have a jira instance where my team and also our external vendors log time for every issue.
We also have an Insight repository with:

  • an object called User from our AD which links jira username to vendor

  • an object called Vendor with an attribute called “Cost Per Hour” and an attribute called Security group which is connected to a jira group for each vendor

  • we could also have a custom field “vendor” in the jira user based on its AD profile (we already have the “reports to” field)

We want to get a report in EazyBi where we get the cost of an issue based on the hours logged by user multiplied for the cost per hour specified on its insight object, and them sum it up for the epics or projects.

Is it possible? Can we mix both cubes? if so, how?

Thanks in advance!