How do I exclude tickets marked with a certain label

I am new to the EazyBI community and this is my first question in this forum

My team uses the ‘Labels’ field to capture certain pre-defined categories, Customer names, resolution types, etc. However, some tickets with these labels are administrative items that do not need the team members to do anything and is more of an action item for the scrum master. These tickets are tagged with the Labels value = ‘Do-Ignore’

I need to create a report to show tickets created or open tickets in a week or month, I do not want to include /count these tickets with label value = ‘Do-Ignore’ .

Using Labels in the pages and filtering tickets with value = Do-Ignore hits the processing time limit of 240 secs.

Appreciate any help I can get to resolve this issue


Hi @richardlobo!

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If you do not need to analyze the issues marked with ‘Do-Ignore’ in eazyBI cube, you can add an additional JQL filter to the import options to import only issues that have an empty label or do not have ‘Do-Ignore’ label: labels is EMPTY or labels != Do-Ignore.

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what if you needed to include these at the source level? How do you do this ignore at the dimension level so I could use in Pages?


I guess I still wish to emphasize that you can create several accounts - separate for administrative and scrum teams and only import issues related to each team.

But to your question, if you still have some of those issues in the cube and wish to filter them easily, I suggest creating a separate JavaScript calculated dimension, see JavaScript calculated custom fields (you might wish to start with the Component example).
See also a valuable presentation by my colleague about Complex Filters and JS fields: Training videos on specific topics.

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