How do I get a count of SLA Breached Issues based on their status

Hi All,

Can some one please help me with getting a count of SLA Breached issues based on their status?

I am aware that there’re Service Management Measures that gives the count for SLA Breached issues. But they are not status specific.

I am still new to eazyBI and have tried to create a calculated member using below formula but it gives the wrong count.

   [Measures].[X SLA - Breached] ,
   NOT [Measures].[Issue status] = "Rejected"

With this formula I am trying to get a count of Issues that have breached the ‘X SLA’ but their Status != “Rejected”

HI @Gaurav
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You may want to create a measure where you use use a tuple from the measure [Measures].[X SLA - Breached] and Status dimension member “Rejected” to get the total of breached issues in status “Rejected” and then subtract it from all breached issues:

[Measures].[X SLA - Breached] - 
([Measures].[X SLA - Breached],

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