How do i get due date in eazybi for jira cloud


I am trying to get the due date to work on Issue Epic Gantt Chart - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

On my jira due date is not coming up, how do i import this date field . i can see the due date set on the ticket .

Hello, I believe this calculated measure can help in your case.

[Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘Due date’)

thanks for this , i have already selected this, but it is still not showing any dates, i checked the ticket and due date is filled in , i am missing something on the import?

My knowledge is not that deep. In the test I did here, importing the report model indicated, it works perfectly, however we have the detail that at the Epics level we don’t have a due date, only at the level below, stories.

My suggestion is to make a simple report including the due date and if it doesn’t work, redo the data cube import configuration

Hi @Kaushal_Patel!

As @Luis_Felipe_Santos noted, the Issue due date is a standard field imported by default. Therefore, there is no option to select it in the import settings.
If you do not have the field, please run a full re-import of issues and see if this fixes the issue.
If not, please get in touch with In such a case, please note an example issue that has the due date in Jira but does not show in eazyBI.

Lauma /

hi i did this but still can’t see the due dates let me ask the support team.