How do I group users under a single row? (Logged by)

I have a time tracking table with all the users and their time logged.

I would like to group them like below as the users are from different team:

Team A (click + to drill down)
User A
User B
User C

Team B (click + to drill down)
User D
User E
User F

Hello Jeff

You need to “define new calculated member” in ASSIGNEE dimension:

Definition for Team A, B looks like this:

Here’s the code - put as many names you want, separated by comma:


And finally, unselect “All Assignees” and select Team A, B ‘buttons’ - refer to the first snip.

The report looks like this:

Hope it helps!
Kind regards,
Vasile S.


Hi @Jeff_Boon_Business_A ,

I am glad to see you reaching out to the community for assistance.

The solution by @VasileS is the right direction to take.

I might add, that you better use the ‘Logged by’ dimension if you are looking for the logged time.
The Assignee dimension links the issue to the last assigned user, while the Logged by dimension links logged time to the respective user at the moment of time logging. The same issue might even have several users in ‘Logged by’.
You might see an example of such data mismatch between the dimensions ‘Assignee’ and ‘Logged by’ in the following Demo report - Logged hours by user on assigned and unassigned issues - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI.

Oskars /