How do I know the number of rows in a table?


How do I know the number of rows in a table?

I know that if I use “VisibleRowsSet().Count” it works because the result is correct even when the user clicks on the row and removes it.

My problem is that the table is filtered by default to not show empty rows and despite that the VisibleRowsSet() considers all the rows present in the table including the hidden ones.


What should I do?


eazyBI applies any calculations on a server. The function VisibleRowsSet() is calculated on the server based on rules applied to the report. It represents all rows on what eazyBI applied any calculations. The option hide empty rows and columns is the final activity in the report done after all the calculations are applied to the report and it will just hide rows with empty values in UI.

You might want to check if other filtering options are done before using Hide empty. For example, please enable Nonempty option for rows. Add a filter to the report. Both of those options might give you more precise values for VisibleRowsSet() and it also might improve the performance of the report if there are many rows and columns.

Here I used Nonempty option for the report to show rows with valid data only:

If you are addressing VisibleRowsSet() in the formula, you can apply some filters by this set as well:
Count(Filter(VisibleRowsSet(), [Measures].[Issues created]>0))

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I hadn’t noticed that “nonempty” button yet.

Thank you very much

How do I use Count(Filter(VisibleRowsSet(), [Measures].[Issues created]>0))? Please provide example.

This example repprt uses a measure with a name rows (the third column in the report):

the measure rows formula is:

Count(Filter(VisibleRowsSet(), [Measures].[Issues created]>0))

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Is there a way to show a count of rows instead of a total of values at the bottom of the table?