How do I put subtotals in a eazyBI table?

I am new to EazyBI (as well as Jira) and I am trying to do something I think would be simple. I have a custom field in Jira we call “Company Project” where it is just a text field so we can group together issues that belong to a specific project. My table shows this Company Project field, Issue, and Hours spent with sub-tasks. Here is what I can not figure out. Every new project, I would like a subtotal line showing the sum of the “Hours spent with sub-tasks” for the project.
For Example:
Project1, Issue1, 8
Project1, Issue2, 6
Subtotal Project1, 14
Project2, Issue3, 5
Project2, Issue4, 7
Subtotal Project2, 12
Grandtotal of all projects: 26

I will later export this in a pdf document to distribute to various people.

I would appreciate any assistance you can give me. Thanks!

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I’ve haven’t found any documentation on it, but I would love to have this functionality. This should be a feature request.


There are various ways how to expand and drill into eazyBI dimensions to see totals on different levels. For example, if there is a custom field dimension (T-shirt size in my example below) and you would like to know the total of a Measure for all issues and each issue individually, you can add the issue dimension next to the custom field dimension, expand All issues and then drill into issue level.

Another option, if you only use the Custom field dimension, is to “Drill through issues” for particular measure value to get a pop-up window with detailed information.

I hope this was helpful and let me know if you have further questions about getting total values.
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