How do I show unique rows without duplicates in the graph

Dear all,

My graph shows more calculated values than existing rows because multiple criteria can be applied to the same issue. For example, we have 1 issue which is assigned to 3 Business Units and when I show the total number of issues, this row is calculated 3 times in the graph.

Any idea on how to show only unique rows in the graphs like in Jira Queries?

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Hi @ilyahappy

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Yes, if the issue has multiple values (like labels, components), then the issue is counted to all of the values. It is how eazyBI is designed.

You may want to use distinct issues count measures, like Issues created count or Issues resolved count instead of Issues created or Issues resolved (find in “Measures” and documentation: Jira Core measures and dimensions)

While the issue still will be counted to all its criteria when the dimension members are expanded, in the All level row, it will be counted once.