How do you build a Graph to measure Lead and Cycle times? Do I have to created a User defined calculation?

New to Eazy BI. I am trying to build way to measure KPIs around Kanban practice: Lead, Cycle, and Through put.

eazyBI has some “out of the box” measures, like Average resolution days, Days in transition status, Closed issues, Transitions from status, etc. However, each business case is slightly different and therefore KPIs for each business case are calculated differently as well.

It is very likely that you will define new calculated measures to reflect process flow for your business case.
For example, to calculate cycle time, you can build a report based on issue change history. You may use dimension Transition Status to represent certain steps of the cycle and measure Workdays in transition status to represent how much working days issues spent in each status.

To get more ideas, you may check out eazyBI demo accounts which contain many report and calculation examples:

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