How incorporate value on a dimension coming from Measure and Time?

I have a report wherein I show total Amount (custom field) base on an aggregated custom fields (Resolve) which I created by combining all issues that have a certain dropdown value.

My concern is I was able to get the result that I want but on the aggregated custom field in column called Resolve , it is tallying all Amount in all issue created in January but what I want is all issue closed in January.

How to achieve this?

Can you help me add filter to only include those Issues closed in the calculated member? I do not know how to do it?

Hi Michael,

I am sorry this question has not been answered for such a long time!

If you are importing Amount as a measure, you have several custom measures created for this, linked to several issue dates, see documentation page. E.g. Amount resolved would give you total value of Amount custom field grouped on Time dimension by issue resolution date.

Lauma /