How is linear trend calculated in eazybi?


Attached is a snapshot showing linear trend of average hours of response time. How is linear trend calculated ?

Hi @sunray2003,

The linear trend calculation is a statistical method for finding the trend in a series of data. There is a complicated calculation behind how each data point is calculated. The general idea for the method is to find a line that approximates the closest way the data given in the series. That means, for each data point (in your case -Average hours - Workdays (First Response) ) all the rest of the values are considered for finding the linear trend.

The calculation of linear trend is useful for cases when you wish to see if the trend is growing or declining. It can also help to extrapolate the data and see what might be expected future results once the same trend continues.

In eazyBI the linear trend calculation uses visible rows for calculation. In the example you sent, you have weeks in rows that you have expanded into days. All the values (from days and also the summary values at the week level) are being taken into consideration.
My recommendation for you is to add Time dimension in pages, filter on the required weeks but leave the day level in your rows. This will give a more accurate calculation for linear trend.

Please let me know if you have further questions regarding this!
Kind regards,

Elita from