How Issue Resolved handles multiple Resolution dates

Hello Team, Hope you are doing well.

I have a question on how the Issues Resolved measure is calculated. If the Resolution is updated twice in a workflow, would it pick up the most recent or the earliest one ?

Consider the below workflow:
To do → In Progress → Resolved (Resolution updated as “Resolved") → Merged → Done (Resolution updated as “Done”)

  • Say ticket A got first updated as Resolved with a resolution in last week of a biweekly sprint (say Sprint 1). So it will be counted towards the velocity of Sprint 1.
  • Say the same ticket A is updated as “Done” along with a resolution on the first week of next Sprint 2.
    The question is - Would ticket A would be accounted for Sprint 2’s velocity as well ?
    If yes that would result in duplicate reporting of the same ticket in two sprint’s velocity. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I wanted to clarify if we should ideally have only one end status with one Resolution set in a workflow to avoid dups in Sprint velocity calculation.

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

Hi @Karthiga_Sethuraj,

Together with measure Sprint Issues completed, the issue will be visible for each Sprint. With the measure Issues resolved it will show only at the last Sprint.

If you want to see only a particular resolution in your report you can create a tuple with the resolution field:

  [Measures].[Sprint issues completed]

The solution depends on your workflow and why you use two resolutions. If there is no particular reason, then setting a resolution only one time would be the best solution.

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