How it calculates total row?


I’m new using eazyBI and this is one of my tests to learn about it.
I hope can you help me.

When I select to calculate total row automatically seems that will be different for “Calculate remaining estimate” but show “remaining estimate hours” same result.

This is the defined measure:

Can you explain how works the total row calculate in this case?

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Sergi Macià

The formula uses Issue property Issue status that works on individual issues only.

eazyBI uses an optimization for total calculation. It executes the same formula on totaling row independently from the report results. The validation for issue status = Done fails for totaling row, and it picks up remaining estimated hours as the status is empty (not Done) for totaling row.

I updated the formula, to get it working on issues only. It will check if there is any value in status at all and only then look for a particular status value. This will force to sum up value in columns for total calculation.

not isempty([Measures].[Issue status])
IIF([Measures].[Issue status]='Done',
0-[Measures].[excess hours / hours left over],
[Measures].[Remaining estimated hours])

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