How to access start and release dates on epic fix version dimension


Looking for some assistance around the usage of epic fix versions.

Recently I have completed a gauge to determine whether we are on track against a particular release.

Essentially I use the date compare to determine how many days we are into a release and compare that against the % completion of story points attributed to that release.

The calculation is roughly Story Points Resolved %/ DateCompare([Measures].[Version start date],Now())

I have recently started using the Epic Fix Version and tagged only the epics with the release to minimize pollution of the fix version usage at the story level. However, I am unable to extract the start and release date of the [Epic Fix Version] dimension. Is that possible?

Something like:
DateCompare([Measures].[Epic Version start date],Now()) ?

Hi @Waiman,

You can get the Epic Fix Version start date directly from the property. It is not visible from the UI, but if you start typing the get function for the Epic Fix Version member, you would get an autocomplete suggestion for it:

[Epic Fix Version].CurrentMember.get('Start date')

Lauma /