How to add Jenkins data in easyBI as we are not using Bamboo

Hi All,

For our CICD Pipeline we are using Bitbucket+Jenkins and I am looking for a way to get data from here so that I can create below reports:
Deployment Frequency
Change Failure rate
Mean Time to change
Mean time to recovery

I am able to import only bitbucket data as of today.

Please help with solutions.


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I am interested in this as well.

I attended the recent community meetup and posted the same question.
They replied that they don’t have this feature currently and added it to their backlog but implementation depends on maximum requests they get to implement.

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Hi @ramram4u and @Chuckcox12,

Thank you for attending and being active participants of our community day event! :clap:

Yes, this feature is in our backlog, and it has both of your votes added. Right now, I don’t have any estimates, but we will let you know once there are any developments.

Roberts //


Any updates on the eazyBI integration with Jenkins as I am also interested… I also voted for this feature… @roberts.cacus

Hi @morjo02 ,

Currently, there are no updates regarding the eazyBI integration with Jenkins. However, we will let you know once there are any developments.

Roberts //

Any updates please? I vote as well :slight_smile:

Hi @ravikanth_reddy,

Unfortunately, no news. We will update this post once we have news to share. I added your vote to the feature request.

Have a great day!

Roberts //

Hi, @morjo02, @Chuckcox12, @ravikanth_reddy, @ramram4u,

Now eazyBI has integration also with Jenkins. You can import DevOps metrics from Jenkins starting eazyBI version 6.5 and on Cloud.
For more details, please see the documentation: DevOps data import.

Zane /

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