How to add linebreak for script field in eazybi


I have a script field like below,

  1. xxx
    but after I imported to eazybi, the data is shown like below with no line break
    Please help. Thanks.

Hello @xavi

You could use advanced settings to change the definition for the custom field and change the output format so it can be imported with levels in eazyBI dimension.
But please share more details about your field and perhaps a screenshot from Jira how exactly do you enter values in your scripted field.
Also, let me know if you used any advanced settings already.

Martins / eazyBI support

have a similar question: I’m trying to spilt multiple issues related to a certain issue with a line break, I tried to use the “\n” but it does seem to work.

Issue | Related Issues
Issue 123 | 453 xzy 545 abc

want to output the related issues on different lines

Issue | Related Issues
Issue 123 | 453 xzy
--------------- | 545 abc

Hi @Zaid_Asfour
You could try importing Issue links as separrate dimension and display linked issues as secondary dimension.

Martins / eazyBI