How to add up a column and get the 85th percentile

Hi, I’m fairly new to eazyBI so please forgive the question if it’s silly. I am trying to add up the column ‘Cycle Time’ and then to find the 85th percentile of that single value. Can it be done? Many thanks for any help.

Hi, @sangood

Welcom to the eazyBI community. There are no silly questions!

I’m here to help.

To find an 85th percentile of Cycle time, you can define a new calculated measure (under the Measures) using function Percentile and VisibleRowSet.

The formula should look something like this:

  [Measures].[Cycle time],

Please double-check if the Cycle time is correctly spelled in the given formula.

After creating the new measure, please use it in the report.

To see the 85th Percentile line, go to the Bar chart, choose the measure, and please select Type - Line. See the picture.

If you want to see the results vertically, please also choose that. See the picture