How to aggregate drop down value of two different dimension?

Hi I am a total noob and my goal is to aggregate currentMember value of two different dimension.

I have imported a dimension called “Genre1” with value of [Pop, Rock, Classic] and another dimension called “Genre2” with value of [Kpop, Jpop, EDM]. How will I able to merge the values of this two dimension like Total Genre = [Pop, Rock, Classic, Kpop, Jpop, EDM].

I have been trying this code but Aggregate will fail if from different dimension



eazyBI supports aggregated/calculated members only among one dimension’s members.
Therefore it would not be possible to aggregate members from multiple dimensions, to avoid unpredictable results.

In this case, one dimension would be the recommended way of calculating results in your described split.

Perhaps, you could share more details about the data source!
Can this be changed in a way that you have just one common field/column for the genre?

Martins / eazyBI team

It is ok and very reasonable. Thanks for the answer