How to analyze the reasonableness of the processing time of a statistical jsm issue (not SLA dimension)

I’m having a problem.
1、 I give each JSM issue a value by way of a custom field, which is equivalent to a tag attribute, such as L1, L2.

2、I want to count the number of L1 phase issue resolution time greater than 1 hour and less than 1 hour respectively (the actual SLA configuration resolution time is 2 hours).

3、L2 stage, I want to count the number of issues with L1 stage turnout time less than 0.5 hours and resolution time within 2 hours.

In short, what I think of now is the need to achieve completely by customizing the metric formula, because the above time is not directly available through the SLA.

I’m not sure if I’ve made myself clear and look forward to your response.

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Hi @xiaofeng ,

​You need to import the value changes for the custom field so that eazyBI could see if and when the issue moved to and from any of the phases.
​This is only possible if the custom field is a single-value field.

​Please explain in more detail what defines the SLA cycle for the issue - is it the change of status, transition to L2 phase, change of the Assignee, or other activities?
​Please share the issue change history to understand the workflow.

​Understanding the above details would allow seeing the further steps for building a sustainable solution.


Thanks for sharing. Maybe I need to study the relationship again.