How to avoid discrepancies between JIRA burndown chart and EazyBI burndown chart


We have sometimes found that, although very close, the values in the “committed” or “completed” story points for a sprint in EazyBI are a bit different than the ones in the JIRA burndown charts.

Is there a report in eazyBI that replicates the JIRA burndown or velocity charts, without any differences in commitment values?

Thank you!

You are right; there might be cases when Jira sprint report shows a bit different values than eazyBI “committed” or “completed” story points. It seems that Jira does not consider as committed the story points committed with “Done” status category.

eazyBI counts as completed all story points moved to the “Done” status category at the end of the Sprint. In Jira, you can configure your board to count as completed several other statuses.

Both of the problems mentioned above can be fixed with an adjustment of the Committed and Completed measures. We recommend contact support with specific cases to check the reasons for differences and for a proper solution in each case.

Janis, eazyBI support