How to Break string output based on ,

Hello All,
I have below output in last column “issue Lst Comment” and I want to break sting output wherever , present. Somehow I am not fiding anyway, could you please help me here.

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Hello @Deepak

See this: Split String with Delimiter
Zane mentions here the ExtractString() function.

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Vasile S.

I don’t want to extract string based on condition. I want to split it based on , into new line. could you please help here?

Oh… OK!
See Replace
Try to replace the comma with “\n”, CHR(10) + CHR(13) or “< br >” (no spaces!!) and change the field format to markdown or HTML. See Calculated measures and members, section “Format”.

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Vasile S.

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@VasileS Thank you so much its working. Quick question, how about replacing “,” and “.” together with “

is there any way in single measure i can do this . I am using below measure

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Super! :slight_smile:

Yes, call Replace() again, this time for “.” …

LE: if you like to live dangerously you can try Replace(Replace(text,“,”), “.”)! :smiley:

As a rule of thumb: use unique names. Your custom “Last Comment” measure have the same name as the property. You will thank yourself later.


Thank you @VasileS for quick help.