How to build a report that shows story points per statuses in sprint timeline

I’m new in EazyBi stuff, and I need repeat this report in using EazyBi

The idea here is to have a sum of story points per statuses in sprint timeline

Can anybody help me with this?

HI @Nick_Vasylevskyi,
Welcome to the eazyBI community! :slight_smile:

To create a report you are looking for you need to have Issue change history measures and do the following steps:

  1. Select Story Points History from Measure dimension.
  2. Add Time dimension in Rows at Day level.
  3. Sprint in Pages for filtering the needed Sprint
  4. Transition Status in Columns at Status level.
  5. Then switch to Bar chart and select Vertical and Stacked option from toolbox
  6. Don’t forget Nonempty in Rows and Hide empty coloumns.
    The end result would be like this:

If you are new at eazyBI stuff, we suggest checking our latest training videos that explain all main steps about report creation - data import, report creation and how to publish them -

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