How to build measure to capture who assigned a ticket?

Can EazyBI tell me who the actor was that assigned an issue? In this workflow, tickets originate with no assignee and are parceled out by team members. Part of a report request we have is to see who a ticket was assigned by, and potentially a count/sum of that too (how many tickets did Jane Doe assign?). So would need both the Property and a measure.

I tried looking at and extrapolating from similar dimensions that seem to grab the ‘Actor’ of an issue, such as transition author, but haven’t been able to crack this. Any ideas?

Hi @MBriede ,

When selecting to import Issue change history, you get many additional measures and a few additional dimensions.
You may read more about that here - Import issue change history.

You may retrieve the number of issues where a user has assigned a new unassigned issue to anyone by creating a calculated measure ‘number of issues first assigned by’.

([Measures].[Transitions from issues count],
[Transition Field].[Assignee],

That returns the distinct count of issues that have been reassigned from (unassigned) to someone.
When you put the dimension ‘Transition Author’ to report rows - the figures will be split by the first transition authors.

Suppose you want to see the first transition author for the particular issue. You might use the same measure but put the Issues dimension on report rows and the Transition author dimension right after that.
Once you drill into the Issue dimension to the Issue level and into the Transition author dimension to the level User - you will get the first transition author right next to the issue.

Kind regards,
Oskars /