How to calculate how many days left till version release?

Hi all,
Hope you can help me.
In my dashboard, I want to show how many days have left till the current version is released.

This is what I accomplished so far:

as you can see in the dateDiff it should be 34, but instead, it is the same as the release date. this is a calculated measure I did as you can see in the photo :

but it is not working :frowning:

hopefully, someone can help figure out what can i do to fix it!

this is the code i wrote (in the post you can add only one embedded photo)

there is a function you can use called DateDiffDays which will return days apart from target date. Then if you want you can add custom unit formatting ## Days
Note that if the release date is already over you will eventually getting negative days. If you don’t want that you probably need conditional clauses.
See Documentation about the function DateDiffDays

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Thanks !! it worked :slight_smile: