How to Calculate Moving Ranges in EazyBI

I am stumped on how to calculate moving ranges from my Duration User Defined Calculated Measure.
I want to have a 3rd column titled “Moving Ranges” which would have the first row empty, 2nd row would have 63 (abs(85-22)), 3rd row would have 67 (abs(18-85)), 4th row would have 50 (abs(68-18)), so on and so forth. This calculation would iterate to the end of list of values for the calculated measure duration.

I believe I need to find a way to iteratively index the calculated measure duration values but I’m really stumped on how to do that and there isn’t much documentation online about it.

Any help is much appreciated!

Any comment from anyone? Was hoping to receive a response by now.

Hi @jjacob64

To summarize the conversation we had over email:

To see the value of the previous Row of the “Duration” column, a new calculated measure can be defined in the Measures dimension using the PreviousRowValue() function with a formula like this:


You can then further use any calculations necessary with these values.

Nauris / eazyBI support