How to calculate time between two statuses

How to calculate time between two statuses(ex: If suppose there are new,Assigned,Resolved but we need Assigned–>resolved how much time it was spent ) in the issue.


While I’m unable to provide you with a complete solution, I believe you will find information at the following link useful: Import issue change history

From the page:

eazyBI allows import and analyze issue change history including:

** issue status workflow transitions – how many times issues are transitioned to particular workflow status (e.g. how many times issues are reopened) or how long issues stay in particular workflow status (e.g. what is average time of issues staying in open status);*
** how many issues were in a workflow status, or were assigned to assignees, or were in a particular sprint at some historical point in time;*
** how custom field measures or single-value custom dimensions were changed over time"*

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You may benefit from Issues cycles that can be defined and imported based on issue statuses. This option allows grouping current and historical statuses by cycles.

Also you can use issue change history that @BiNoob mentioned. Here is a formula that is using those measures to calculated days between two statuses:

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