How to calulate effort spent in rework in a sprint or over a duration

We are trying to get data related to the effort spent in doing rework.

We want to measure 2 types of rework

  1. Introduced purely due to a wrong fix or partial fix, du to which the ticket gets “Reopened”, so any effort spent after it is reopened is a rework.

  2. The Second category of rework is, due to any changes done by someone a new issue got introduced (could be a regression or another bug that the developer didn’t pay attention to in UT/Design), we mark those issues with a flag as “Rework due to recent work”. Any effort spent on such issues is also a rework.

For getting the rework time we would like to get the time spent in both categories.

Any help on the same is much appreciated.

Hi @Chinmay,

​The exact solution depends on what you consider the “Effort spent”. That might be the time issue spent in a specific transition status or the hours logged on the issue in that status. There might also be variations on whether the Reopen status only is considered or Reopen and all the statuses coming afterward.

  1. ​The basic version for rework efforts might be the hours spent in Reopen status. The expression for that might look like this.
([Measures].[Hours spent],
 [Transition status].[Reopen])

​This ​implies that the issue stays in Reopen until it is finally solved. Different workflows might require a different approach and more details.

2. There might be several options for calculating the efforts, depending on whether you import the flag as a property of an issue or as a separate dimension. If you import that flag as a dimension, you might retrieve the figure with a tuple.

([Measures].[Hours spent],
 [<Flag dimension>].[Rework due to recent work])

You might sum both expressions in the same calculated measure to get the total efforts.

​My answer includes some assumptions. If your requirement is different, please write to the support with more details about the Reopen issue workflow and a more detailed description of what is considered “Efforts spent”.

​Oskars /

Thank you for the response @oskars.laganovskis

As you rightly figured out, we want to track all the time spent after the issue is transitioned to “Reopened” status till it gets resolved as rework.

Getting the time in the Reopened state will not help us as the developer will change the status to “In Progress” again as soon as they start working on the reopened issue.

Secondly, all the subsequent phases are also the rework of this incident.

Is there a way to achieve the same.