How to combine two Pages as "either of them" / OR action for them

For my report - I have two pages as “Component” and “Team Assigned” custom field.
In the pages option - it will act as “AND” operation whereas I need to have result based on “OR” operation between them.

Hi @Piyush_Annadate

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You are correct: by default, dimensions selected in Pages are used with AND condition; value selection from the same dimension is treated with OR condition.

To recreate OR condition between different fields you may need to create a new MDX measure where those conditions are included directly. More information and examples of how to translate JQL queries to eazyBI reports, please check out the presentation by my colleague Janis Plume: eazyBI Community Days, Day-2 Training Presentations

Usually, when filters include OR construction between different fields ( Component in (ABC) OR Team Assignee in (EFG)), it means that those fields contain the same (or very similar) business information. From the reporting point of view, it would be best to import this information as one separate dimension. Then you would be able to use this one dimension in Pages as a filter for reports.

To achieve that, you may want to create a new JavaScript calculated custom field that analyzes issue values in both those fields and allocate a new value based on that:

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