How to compare change of custom field value over specific date or another field value

hello i’am new to eazy bi.
I try to compare changes on custom field over time or what was the value of the custom field when another field was … is it possible?

example one:
custom field A value was 5 in 1.1.23 and what is value now

example two:
what was custom field A value when the field fix_version value was X and what was custom field A value when when the field fix_version value was Y

Welcome to eazyBI community!

I recommend first starting with verifying the type of your custom field. Note that change history import is possible for numerical and single select fields (learn more about that here) Import issue change history.

​eazyBI can let you define and import change history for numerical and single-value custom fields. Additionally, you can select and import previous values for Jira date picker custom fields.

If your custom field is single select or numerical field I recommend the following:
​ 1. Import change history for your custom field “Custom field A”.
​You can learn more about that here (the example in the link is how you should enable change history for your custom field)
2. When changes are imported, you can create a new calculated measure (in Measures) that would show how many issues changed “Custom field A” in the selected period.
For the calculation use a tuple of hidden measure “Transitions to issues count” and hidden dimension “Transition field” specifying the custom field name. The expression might look like this:

( [Measures].[Transitions to issues count], 
[Transition Field].[Custom field A])

​Please update the custom field name in expression to match the custom field name in your eazyBI.
More details on calculated measures and tuples are here: Calculated measures

Additionaly, measure “Issues history” shows how many issues had a specific “Priorità” at the end of the selected period.
More details on each historical measure are here: Import issue change history.

Best wishes,
​Elita from

sorry but i got lost …
its given me data but not what looking for, I try to simplified what i need

for field A i have couple of values - 1/2/3/4/5 (is a selected field)
i try to see what was the field value on two separate date like this:


its the same field all the time but it show for ech issue what was the value compare between two different time